Still going strong and improving food choices

So we went to Subway the other day and I went ahead and got the single meat and lite mayo.  It didn’t taste as good, but with the benefit of it being better for me I can learn to deal:-).

I hit the halfway mark one of the mornings last week.  I haven’t hit it again yet, but I’m within a pound of averaging at my halfway point.  Going to make an appointment with the doctor to do my annual physical and to reevaluate the dosage on my BP medicine.

The wife has been making all kinds of new food choices and it’s been hugely successful.  At first we thought it would be hard to stay under our calorie goals.  Now, we’re having to deliberately have snacks just to get close to our minimums.

I’m still having one soda a day and a bunch of water.  My foot has been hurting me (previously hurt it slipping on a curb at an IKEA).  Also, I’m still smoking like a chimney (don’t worry that’s my next step) and my chest is all tight and I have a horrible cough and tough time breathing.  I’m very proud of myself though because I haven’t let either of those issues slow me down as far as my workouts.

I’ve been watching Extreme Weight Loss with the wife and it’s so inspiring to see those transformations.  While the drop rate of my weight loss has slowed, my body changes have not.  I’m continually improving my ranks in my Fitstar apps and my body shape has changed a lot.  I have definition coming back in my legs and my love handles are disappearing.  Plus, from the front you can see my stomach taking up less real estate.  My belly has gone from a huge circle to a belly within a V shape.  I can see my hip bones again:-)

Gotta keep at it everyday:-)


Making better food choices

So the wife and I have been making a lot of changes in our food choices lately.

I took her to Subway today for lunch and this is a prime example:

Previous to this whole change:

Foot-long on White (Italian)
Cold-cut trio – DOUBLE meat
Lettuce and Mayo
Cool Ranch Doritos
Large Pepsi – two refills


6-inch on 9-grain Whole Wheat
Cold-cut trio – DOUBLE meat (going to single meat next time)
Lettuce and Mayo (going to lite mayo next time)
Baked Lays chips
20-oz bottle of water

Last night I went to my poker spot and had a bourbon chicken foot-long sub sandwich.  Instead of eating the whole thing, I removed the sub roll all together and just ate the chicken with half the sauce.

I thought cutting my intake would make me always feel hungry, but I actually don’t even feel the need for snacks anymore.  Also, I’m no longer repulsed at the thought of water – which is a new thing for me.  Previously, if you asked me if I wanted water I would give a funny look and rather drink nothing than have water.  Now, I actually look forward to having a glass.

Yesterday, I only had 1 soda all day, which I’m going to repeat today.

I’m within a pound of the halfway mark of my current goal to lose 50 pounds:-)

Stay tuned…:-)


The forward and backward momentum of the scale

I was very happy yesterday.  In the morning my fitbit showed I had lost 22.9 lbs.  Which is my lowest thus far.  Last week when I hit 20 lbs I was very upset to see the weight go slightly up over the next two days.  I worried me and I got concerned over nothing.  I need to remember that my weight will always have small fluctuations and that it is fine.  I can be proud when I hit new lowest marks and just work on getting my stable range of weight to catch up.  Thinking about it this way definitely helps me feel less pressure and/or anxiety.

Yesterday was my son’s birthday and we went to a nearby Mexican place for dinner.  At first I tried to find the food nutrition information online, but quickly gave up when I could find nothing.  I knew I was going in with approximately 2000 calories available for my day’s workouts.  I was going to skip all the good stuff like their chips and salsa (amazing) and I was going to get something other than my normal awesome Fajitas…  in the end I said Fuck it!  I’m going to enjoy family I rarely see and enjoy my son’s family party.  We looked at the end of the night once we got home and I just barely came under my max calories (with the calculated weight loss deficit intact).  I did however not drink any soda during the meal – which is a first for me.

I quickly noticed that while I didn’t overeat to the point of having any aches or anything I was definitely exhausted.  I hadn’t been that tired in weeks.

This week has also been great, I’ve been upgraded with various badges on my FitStar and it’s now presenting me with many new exercises.  I’m also getting confident enough to know the exercises and use the audio tick to keep pace without having to stare at my phone the whole time during my workout.  Things are progressing nicely:-)

Have a great day everyone!

Weight loss rate is starting to normalize, but still on the right path!

I was starting to freak out because I thought I was gaining weight back.  However, I realized it’s because I was having expectations of what the scale ‘should’ say each day vs. looking at the more long-term picture.  I didn’t realize that I’ve been at this for a whole month now and I reviewed my weight loss log and realized that even though I’ve lost over 20 lbs, I’ve been averaging about 5 lbs a week.

It’s funny, I didn’t realize it’s been a month now, so I was unfairly expecting higher drops on the scale.  I’m noticing that I am getting very upset when restaurants don’t have nutritional information available on their websites – me a person that never paid any attention to those labels.  I’ve also been allowing my calorie intake to be determined based on my day’s activities and the “calories left” field on my fitbit.  Instead, I’m going to set a calorie goal of 2000 calories a day.  I want to strive for consistency, not workout hard so I can eat more.

It’s funny, I’m catching myself wanting to find more active things to do.  I’m trying to limit the amount of time that I’m not moving.  I’ll still play the PlayStation now and then, but not for hours upon hours like before.  I’m also really enjoying some fitness shows.  I love “Strong” – the show that finally motivated me to start using my fitbit and start working on myself.  I also have recently started watching “Extreme Weight Loss” – that show is definitely a motivator as well.

I know I’m annoying my wife because I’ve become a bit OCD about tracking all my calories.  I know myself, I’m very binary with things, you either do or your don’t, I have always had a very hard time with gray areas.  I know if I allow myself to get lazy with my tracking, it will stop entirely.  I can’t let that happen.  Doctors say one of the most important tools in weight loss is keeping a food diary – and I’m kicking butt at it.  It’s also been such a factor in making me realize how much I used to eat – which — DAMN!

Time for a workout and my morning shake – have a good day world:-)

Losing weight to fast?

I’m looking at fitness and weight loss sites and they say that you should lose around 1-2 lbs per week.  Yesterday, I bumped my workout program up to the most aggressive program they have.  However, I’m thinking I’ll go back to get moving because I don’t want to lose weight too fast.  Currently, I’m losing 1-2 lbs a day.  Granted, I’m not drinking a fridge pack (minimum) of soda a day which alone accounts for this weight.  However, I want to get healthy – not skinny.  The wife was concerned whether or not I’m only losing fat and not gaining muscle, but I know I’m gaining muscle because I’m finding myself able to do things I couldn’t do a week ago.  So, for now, I’m just going to keep on this course, it’s working, it’s not time to change it.

20 lbs down! – and our activities are increasing!

I’m very excited – 20 lbs lost so far!

Yesterday was a great day.  The wife and I both upgraded our fitbit devices to the newer Blaze fitness watch.  They are awesome!


I’ve been wanting to put my music back on my phone for some time now.  With the added media control features of the watch, I’m definitely feeling motivated to finally get it done.

The wife and I have both been more active and we’re finding ourselves more motivated to go outside and do stuff with the kids, which is great for them and great for us.  We had a great day yesterday scouting out locations for a photography shoot next weekend.  We walked around a golf course, along trails, through parks, went by the river on a hiking trail, we just had a great time hanging out together and being active while doing it.  I’m getting very excited for when I do get my convertible, because then we’ll drive to scenic areas and hike around.  Just so many possiblities are coming back to us that we’ve denied ourselves.

With our Mother’s Day hike and day out we worked hard all day and earned a lot of steps and positive calories so, for dinner I told the wife I would get us food from Outback to go and bring it home.  First off, I did stay under my calorie goals, even with a 9 oz sirloin and lobster tail, steamed brocoli, a house salad with honey mustard, and 1/4 of a bloomin onion.  Again, I was under my calorie count, but my body did not react kindly.  It’s only been a couple of weeks but I swear my stomach must already be shrinking because it was just too much food.  I also have been able to do exercises that killed me only two weeks ago!

When I told one of my best friends how much calories I’ve been eating (based on my fitbit goals) he was amazed that I’m losing all the weight I am despite still eating that many calories (yesterday was 3300).  I’m wondering if my metabolism has remained very fast all this time and if I was just sinking it with all that soda.  In either case, that has been steadily lowering as well.

Today, I made an adjustment to my FitStar, I’m going to attempt to change my workout program from “Get Moving” (the free beginner one) to “Get Lean” (the more intense longer sessions to drop weight).  It’s a big step for me, but the trainer will only work if I push it to make me work harder.

Lastly, last week I ordered another Cookies and Cream protein power (that stuff is good), but I also wanted to try the Extreme Chocolate Milk.  So today, the best friend who got me the GNC stuff last week came over to see my daughter (his god-daughter) and we tried it together.  HOLY CRAP, that stuff takes like the Yoo-Hoo drinks my dad would get when I was younger and we’d go fishing!  AND! It’s even healthier than the cookies and cream stuff!  AWESOME!

Life is good!

Simple gestures mean so much

For a little over a week I’ve been focusing on trying to get more healthy and really working hard (but not nearly as hard as I thought it would be). I’ve been feeling and seeing results and I’m getting more and more motivated and excited each day.

I’m feeling very blessed this morning. Over the weekend I was discussing my fitness goals and progress with a very close friend and telling him that I was going to try to incorporate protein shakes into my morning routine. Out of the blue, he came by yesterday and dropped off some stuff for me with my wife. He gave me a nice shaker bottle and some protein powder from GNC. I tried it this morning, that stuff is awesome. There is no need to add anything other than water and it tastes great!

It means so much to me for him to have gone and done that.  I know it sounds like such a small thing, but it truly meant a lot.