I have a diary! – I feel like Doogie Howser!

I created this diary because the wife says I make posts that are WAAAAY too long for Facebook.  Before MySpace and Facebook I had my own site on my own server that I would keep a journal.  Unfortunately, the site died after a virus infected my old server.  I like posting long detailed stories because I will go back later and remember how I was thinking/feeling at different points in my life.  Plus, I grew up watching Doogie Howser end each day writing voiced over journal entries.  How cool was that?

Also, I’ve recently started a journey to try and get more fit.  This has also reignited the desire to have a complete online journal, so I will be able to look back and see where I started.

I was active during my school days and when I was in high school and I ate EVERYTHING and lost weight.  Looking back, I now realize that I’d workout with my best friend at the gym, swim all the time because I was a lifeguard, and skateboard all over the place.  If I wasn’t skateboarding, I was walking because I didn’t have a car.  I didn’t realize that I worked out all the time back then.  Whenever I’d mention that time my wife would remind me that I don’t have that body anymore and I need to do something if I want to lose weight — shut up.

We’ve talked on many occassions about getting healthy, but I’ve never really tried to lose any weight.

Last Christmas, my company had a Christmas party.  At the party, I won a raffle for a Fitbit Charge HR which apparently I’m too fat to wear (I had to cut an extra hole in the wristband).  My wife was trying to get fit and I just wasn’t as driven as her.  In all honesty, it’s something I said I wanted – as long as I didn’t have to do any work for it.  So, the more she got excited, the more I felt she was rubbing it my face.  Also, her an I are both competitive, but in totally different ways.  In many areas, I need to have my own passion, and do things on my terms.  Getting more healthy, is something I want, but I need something that works for me, not tied to anyone else, or anyone else’s expectations.  If I personally find it interesting and desirable, there’s no stopping me.

I tried going to the gym for a couple weeks.  However, parking at the gym was a pain in the ass.  Going to the gym after a long day of work and a long drive home sucks.  Plus, the driving to the gym, working out, showering, then come back home takes a lot of time.  These “reasons” made it extremely easy to make excuses of why I couldn’t or didn’t want to go.

Skip to last week.  I was flipping channels and stumbled upon the pilot for the new show “Strong”.  That show kicks ass!  I loved how all the trainers have different styles.  Some don’t even use equipment – WTF?  Hold up — no equipment = no gym — I’m listening (well watching)…   I saw the challenges they were doing and thought, holy crap, this is doable.  I then saw it was sponsored by FitBit – HOLD UP! I HAVE ONE OF THOSE!!!  Plus, at the end, you get to see how the person just eliminated continued on their path! – WAIT, that could actually be me? (except, they’re women, but you get the point).

That evening I started checking out the features of the FitBit and compatible applications.  My wife told me about the applications she had used.  There’s already been huge adjustments so far.

1) WATER INTAKE – PRIOR to this, my water intake daily was ZERO.  Yes, ZERO!  The only time I’d drink plain water was if I was coughing or needing to take medicine.  Otherwise, my drink of choice was approximately about a 12-pack of Coke or Pepsi a day (usually more).  NOW, I’m down to 3 soda’s a day.  However, after each soda I drink two 14 oz glasses of water.  This ensures that I hit my water goal for the day of 64 oz.  — later I will consider dropping out the soda, but this is definitely a good start.

2) EXERCISE – My job in IT has me sitting at a desk all day long.  For years, I’ve gained weight and with each pound I gain, I have less and less desire to be active.  However, I discovered FitStar on FitBit’s site.  This thing is AWESOME.  It’s like having a trainer that’s showing me what I should work on, it takes my input, and tells me where I should focus!  AND it’s only $40 a year.  It also gives me a good workout in 15-30 minutes!  It also doesn’t require any gym equipment!  Less than 30 minutes?  I can easily find time during any day to do that!  Also, because my plan is different from the wife’s plan we can do it together AND separate at the same time!  This allows me to support my wife, but she will do her, and I will do me. It’s only been a couple days, but I’ve made sure to do at least one workout each day.  However, the wife pointed out I need recovery days.  So, I don’t want to allow myself ANY “days off”.  So, I found and am now trying Yoga through the FitStar Yoga program – THAT BITCH IS HARD!  However, it works the same way as the FitStar Trainer and takes my input and tailors my next session to my needs. — I’m also wanting to try my old roller blades and other activities that I haven’t even considered in ages.  VERY EXCITING!

3) FOOD/CALORIES – I’ve never been an emotional eater.  Mostly, I’ve been a bored eater.  I’m also wierd in the fact that if I’ve been active I’m usually not hungry at all.  It’s only when I’m on my ass all day that I’m starving.  So, my wife had recommended the MyFitnessPal app.  At first I thought, okay, what good is this diary?  Then, she showed me how it interacts with the FitBit app.  I’m a computer guy – INTERACTING APPLICATIONS!!! AWESOME!.  I then noticed that most foods out there are available within this application.  Logging food is actually really easy.  Okay, why the fuck not, I’ll try this too.  It’s now like a video game keeping my calorie count and food intake at goal levels.  I’ve also started looking at the foods I eat and the portions I used to eat compared to their serving sizes.  The first day or two I’d have to tell myself, “that’s enough, you don’t NEED more”.  Now, it’s fun and a source of pride when I see how I’m doing against my goals.

This is just my start.  But, I’m surprised, the exercises that killed me only four days ago are doable now and in four days I’ve lost 14 lbs.

My wife warned me that at some point I’ll hit a wall and I won’t lose the weight and I’ll have to make further changes.  She’s concerned that when it happens I’ll become discouraged and stop this endevor.  I let her know that from the other shows in the past like “The Biggest Loser” I’m expecting that wall and thanked her for being concerned.  I let her know that when I hit it I’ll talk to my doctor to see if I’m at a healthy place at that time.  If I am, I’ll consider just maintaining that level – or – if I want to make more changes.  In any case for the first time in my life, I’m actually doing something about getting more fit vs. talking about it!!!

<Doogie Howser’s Journal Entry Music Playing>


************** PERSONAL JOURNAL OF CHUCK ************** 

Feeling excited about my new diary.  Also, I’m excited about getting more healthy…

<clicks off the large switch on the side of an old IBM PS/2>


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