Yesterday was a learning day…

My wife and I each have our night out once a week.  My night is Monday and I go play poker.  However, before poker, I take a nap.  It’s great, as soon as I’m finished with work I tell the wife NITE! and rush upstairs for a nice long nap.  However, yesterday, after I woke up, I looked at my fitbit and realized it’s just too much downtime.  I was slightly over my target calorie count last night not because I necessarily overate, but because I didn’t have standard activity to provide me additional calories against my goal targets.

I was proud of myself.  To play poker you must patronage the bar.  Normally, I order food for the first game and a sundae for the second game (this week I need to try and find the least calorie/fat offensive option on the menu to eat going forward).  Before the second game, I ordered the sundae, but asked only for the ice cream scoop.  The rest of the ingredients (brownie, whip cream, and chocolate sauce) were put into a to-go box.  I figured, I didn’t need them, but perhaps the kids would want dessert tomorrow.

In all, it was a good day, if I miss my goals, I need to at least figure out why and make adjustments.  🙂


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