When we go to Chili’s for lunch/dinner I normally order a Three-for-All with Boneless wings, chicken crispers, and the mini burger bites.  However, yesterday, for the first time, I caught myself checking the menus online before going to the restaurant to look for the more healthy choices.  WTF?  Who is this?!?!?!?!

I ended up order the salmon and it really wasn’t that bad.  I still had to get my chips and salsa, but came in under calories again for the day.

I’m noticing that the excercises that I couldn’t do last week seem much easier this week – gotta keep kicking butt 🙂

Jenna also wanted to try the Freestyle option on our FitStar Personal Trainer app so we could both do the same routine.  However, there were some excercises in there I just couldn’t do at this time (someday I will, but I need to respect my current limits and push them, but not hurt myself by going too fast).  Also, by doing a pre-made freestyle routine it’s undermining the biggest draw to this software which is the personal tailored workout.  The normal mode of this software adapts to fit me.  I need to do MY workout plan.  If we want to do a static plan we can just watch any old video on YouTube.  She understood, so again, we’re going to do our seperate routines, and when possible we’ll do them at the same time, just seperate, but together.

Got the son’s soccer practice tonight so I’ll get more steps in later 🙂


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