Bitch at the Gas Pump, but at least I got CAKE!

Weird series of events while going out to dinner.  First, I had just woken from my nap. WARNING! – Don’t mess with me when I’ve just woken up from a nap.

The kids and I head out to get some dinner at McDonald’s.

I go to Sam’s club first to get gas in my little car.  As I approach the pump, I see a white SUV mostly towards the left side, but wheels angled to the right (then back to the left, then back to the right) – WTF?  I see the pumps to the right are open and so is one to the left.  I wait – – – nothing – idiot still can’t decide.  I notice her gas tank is on the driver side anyways (I hate when assholes stretch the hose and take longer just to pump from the wrong side of the car).  I proceed to go to my pump and I get out.  I then notice the white SUV approaching slowly with the window down (okay, here we go).  A foreign lady wearing some sort of headscarf tells me in a condescending tone that there is a thing called a line and she was in a line …  remember I said I just woke from my nap and hate stupid indecisive people?  My response?

“You FUCKING MORON! You sat there with no clue where the fuck to go and couldn’t choose between 3 open lanes I gave you a moment to decide but you sat there and couldn’t make a fucking decision.  Guess what? your tank is 0n the driver side, and guess what? a spot is available, so drive up there (pointing to the open spot), put your car in park, and fill up your tank and SHUT THE FUCK UP!”  – I heard two people laughing and then the attendant came out after she parked.  I thought, crap is the gas police guy going to be upset?  Nope, he just wanted to ask about my license plate and shoot the shit about World of Warcraft LOL!

What about the cake?  Oh, that’s next.

So the Wife and I have been counting calories, but on the Wife’s night out I always take the kids to McDonald’s.  So, I’m now just getting nuggets and medium fries to stay below my targets.  Anyway, a guy that works there and had just gotten off his shift was sitting at the table and I laughed and said, “you ever notice when you’re trying to lose weight and count calories that all the best foods seem to haunt you?”   This is a hard working kid I’ve seen right after he’s gotten off work on several occassions (he has the cupcakes because he ALSO works at Georgetown Cupcakes)..  We ordered our food and the kids were chatting with him and he said he wanted to give them the cupcakes.  I told him he didn’t need to do that, but he insisted.  I knew not to argue and the kids and I thanked him.  So now we’re eating and occassionally chatting with this nice kid who’s telling us about his brothers and sisters (some near my kids ages) and while we’re eating I hear him get and make several calls asking for his mom to come pick him up because he’s been off work and needs to get home he’s also complained to her multiple times that he hasn’t eatten all day and he’s starving.  I asked him where he was located, again I’ve seen this guy A LOT and if he was just down the street I’d drop him off.  He said it was in Herndon and I told him sorry, but it would be too far.  He asked if I had a dollar so he could get a McDouble from the dollar menu.  I told him to tell me the order and I would get it because I didn’t want his manager to think he was soliciting for food.  Instead, I got him the whole meal and thanked him again for the cupcakes and told him that it was finally nice to meet him and have a conversation.  After he left I went to move the box, again, I was expecting one cupcake to be left in the box, but it was too heavy for that… I opened it up and the box was completely full.

At least it started with the snarky bitch, but ended with the nice guy and cake  🙂



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