Last time at Charlestown and Kicking butt with Fitness stuff!

So, I told the wife I wanted to go to Charlestown very soon.  She asked why it had to be so soon and I told her, it’s because I want to go there one last time smoking, and I’m going to try again to quit smoking.  I know I’ve said this many times before.  But I also did think it I could reduce my soda intake, God knows I never thought I would drink any good amounts of water during the day, and I haven’t had any real workout schedule since one of my best childhood friends in High School.  Wait, HOLY CRAP, I’ve been doing all that!  I went to the casino (in total I left $80 positive – go me!).  The entire time I was there I only drank water, and I smoked like a chimney.  Now, I no longer have the casino excuse to fall back on.  In the future, if I go to the casino I’ll go to Maryland Live! or the new DC one.  I just want to go to a casino without smoking to help remove that temptation.  On previous visits to the casino I would get home and sleep all day, but I’ve been pumped up all day long because I’m starting to notice results from the work I’m putting in.

I need to get better about having breakfast or drinking some protein shakes in the morning.  We’re about to look online for different/more healthy food options.

I looked at my FitBit and noticed I had A LOT of calories that I still needed to eat so the family and I went to IHOP.  I ordered Mozza Sticks, Sausage Links, a Ham & Egg melt with Fruit.  Even with all that food, it would still leave me 500 calories at that point.  However, I was very surprised when I got full – A LOT earlier than normal.  So, I now have half my sandwich for breakfast tomorrow 🙂  And, I left a couple mozza sticks untouched! — WTF?

Tonight, before putting the kids to bed, I connected my FitStar Personal Trainer app to the AppleTV in the living room and the kids and I did a workout routine. As I’m writing my FitBit says I still need to eat 1650 more calories to meet my goal.  So, I’ll force myself to have a snack, but I’m really  not hungry! – WTF!!!!  I’ll take the advice of one of the weight loss shows and even if the fitbit says to eat more, I’ll consider it okay as long as I get at least 1800 calories during the day.  When I first started looking at calories with the wife I thought it would be impossible to eat below the limits.  I find it funny that I’m trying to find fillers because I’m actually too far below my target intake.  Which again, makes me more pumped and excited about this journey – it’s doable!  I’m also excited because the exercises that were making me curse at an iPhone app are actually becoming easier to do.  Unfortunately, this just means the trainer is going to make it harder for me.  But, hey, I’m getting stronger!!!

Yesterday I hit 15 lbs lost, but I couldn’t check today cause I was at the casino.  I’m excited to see what it says tomorrow morning.

All day today, I’ve just been very excited about life 🙂



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