20 lbs down! – and our activities are increasing!

I’m very excited – 20 lbs lost so far!

Yesterday was a great day.  The wife and I both upgraded our fitbit devices to the newer Blaze fitness watch.  They are awesome!


I’ve been wanting to put my music back on my phone for some time now.  With the added media control features of the watch, I’m definitely feeling motivated to finally get it done.

The wife and I have both been more active and we’re finding ourselves more motivated to go outside and do stuff with the kids, which is great for them and great for us.  We had a great day yesterday scouting out locations for a photography shoot next weekend.  We walked around a golf course, along trails, through parks, went by the river on a hiking trail, we just had a great time hanging out together and being active while doing it.  I’m getting very excited for when I do get my convertible, because then we’ll drive to scenic areas and hike around.  Just so many possiblities are coming back to us that we’ve denied ourselves.

With our Mother’s Day hike and day out we worked hard all day and earned a lot of steps and positive calories so, for dinner I told the wife I would get us food from Outback to go and bring it home.  First off, I did stay under my calorie goals, even with a 9 oz sirloin and lobster tail, steamed brocoli, a house salad with honey mustard, and 1/4 of a bloomin onion.  Again, I was under my calorie count, but my body did not react kindly.  It’s only been a couple of weeks but I swear my stomach must already be shrinking because it was just too much food.  I also have been able to do exercises that killed me only two weeks ago!

When I told one of my best friends how much calories I’ve been eating (based on my fitbit goals) he was amazed that I’m losing all the weight I am despite still eating that many calories (yesterday was 3300).  I’m wondering if my metabolism has remained very fast all this time and if I was just sinking it with all that soda.  In either case, that has been steadily lowering as well.

Today, I made an adjustment to my FitStar, I’m going to attempt to change my workout program from “Get Moving” (the free beginner one) to “Get Lean” (the more intense longer sessions to drop weight).  It’s a big step for me, but the trainer will only work if I push it to make me work harder.

Lastly, last week I ordered another Cookies and Cream protein power (that stuff is good), but I also wanted to try the Extreme Chocolate Milk.  So today, the best friend who got me the GNC stuff last week came over to see my daughter (his god-daughter) and we tried it together.  HOLY CRAP, that stuff takes like the Yoo-Hoo drinks my dad would get when I was younger and we’d go fishing!  AND! It’s even healthier than the cookies and cream stuff!  AWESOME!

Life is good!


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