Weight loss rate is starting to normalize, but still on the right path!

I was starting to freak out because I thought I was gaining weight back.  However, I realized it’s because I was having expectations of what the scale ‘should’ say each day vs. looking at the more long-term picture.  I didn’t realize that I’ve been at this for a whole month now and I reviewed my weight loss log and realized that even though I’ve lost over 20 lbs, I’ve been averaging about 5 lbs a week.

It’s funny, I didn’t realize it’s been a month now, so I was unfairly expecting higher drops on the scale.  I’m noticing that I am getting very upset when restaurants don’t have nutritional information available on their websites – me a person that never paid any attention to those labels.  I’ve also been allowing my calorie intake to be determined based on my day’s activities and the “calories left” field on my fitbit.  Instead, I’m going to set a calorie goal of 2000 calories a day.  I want to strive for consistency, not workout hard so I can eat more.

It’s funny, I’m catching myself wanting to find more active things to do.  I’m trying to limit the amount of time that I’m not moving.  I’ll still play the PlayStation now and then, but not for hours upon hours like before.  I’m also really enjoying some fitness shows.  I love “Strong” – the show that finally motivated me to start using my fitbit and start working on myself.  I also have recently started watching “Extreme Weight Loss” – that show is definitely a motivator as well.

I know I’m annoying my wife because I’ve become a bit OCD about tracking all my calories.  I know myself, I’m very binary with things, you either do or your don’t, I have always had a very hard time with gray areas.  I know if I allow myself to get lazy with my tracking, it will stop entirely.  I can’t let that happen.  Doctors say one of the most important tools in weight loss is keeping a food diary – and I’m kicking butt at it.  It’s also been such a factor in making me realize how much I used to eat – which — DAMN!

Time for a workout and my morning shake – have a good day world 🙂


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