The forward and backward momentum of the scale

I was very happy yesterday.  In the morning my fitbit showed I had lost 22.9 lbs.  Which is my lowest thus far.  Last week when I hit 20 lbs I was very upset to see the weight go slightly up over the next two days.  I worried me and I got concerned over nothing.  I need to remember that my weight will always have small fluctuations and that it is fine.  I can be proud when I hit new lowest marks and just work on getting my stable range of weight to catch up.  Thinking about it this way definitely helps me feel less pressure and/or anxiety.

Yesterday was my son’s birthday and we went to a nearby Mexican place for dinner.  At first I tried to find the food nutrition information online, but quickly gave up when I could find nothing.  I knew I was going in with approximately 2000 calories available for my day’s workouts.  I was going to skip all the good stuff like their chips and salsa (amazing) and I was going to get something other than my normal awesome Fajitas…  in the end I said Fuck it!  I’m going to enjoy family I rarely see and enjoy my son’s family party.  We looked at the end of the night once we got home and I just barely came under my max calories (with the calculated weight loss deficit intact).  I did however not drink any soda during the meal – which is a first for me.

I quickly noticed that while I didn’t overeat to the point of having any aches or anything I was definitely exhausted.  I hadn’t been that tired in weeks.

This week has also been great, I’ve been upgraded with various badges on my FitStar and it’s now presenting me with many new exercises.  I’m also getting confident enough to know the exercises and use the audio tick to keep pace without having to stare at my phone the whole time during my workout.  Things are progressing nicely 🙂

Have a great day everyone!


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