Making better food choices

So the wife and I have been making a lot of changes in our food choices lately.

I took her to Subway today for lunch and this is a prime example:

Previous to this whole change:

Foot-long on White (Italian)
Cold-cut trio – DOUBLE meat
Lettuce and Mayo
Cool Ranch Doritos
Large Pepsi – two refills


6-inch on 9-grain Whole Wheat
Cold-cut trio – DOUBLE meat (going to single meat next time)
Lettuce and Mayo (going to lite mayo next time)
Baked Lays chips
20-oz bottle of water

Last night I went to my poker spot and had a bourbon chicken foot-long sub sandwich.  Instead of eating the whole thing, I removed the sub roll all together and just ate the chicken with half the sauce.

I thought cutting my intake would make me always feel hungry, but I actually don’t even feel the need for snacks anymore.  Also, I’m no longer repulsed at the thought of water – which is a new thing for me.  Previously, if you asked me if I wanted water I would give a funny look and rather drink nothing than have water.  Now, I actually look forward to having a glass.

Yesterday, I only had 1 soda all day, which I’m going to repeat today.

I’m within a pound of the halfway mark of my current goal to lose 50 pounds 🙂

Stay tuned… 🙂



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