Still going strong and improving food choices

So we went to Subway the other day and I went ahead and got the single meat and lite mayo.  It didn’t taste as good, but with the benefit of it being better for me I can learn to deal :-).

I hit the halfway mark one of the mornings last week.  I haven’t hit it again yet, but I’m within a pound of averaging at my halfway point.  Going to make an appointment with the doctor to do my annual physical and to reevaluate the dosage on my BP medicine.

The wife has been making all kinds of new food choices and it’s been hugely successful.  At first we thought it would be hard to stay under our calorie goals.  Now, we’re having to deliberately have snacks just to get close to our minimums.

I’m still having one soda a day and a bunch of water.  My foot has been hurting me (previously hurt it slipping on a curb at an IKEA).  Also, I’m still smoking like a chimney (don’t worry that’s my next step) and my chest is all tight and I have a horrible cough and tough time breathing.  I’m very proud of myself though because I haven’t let either of those issues slow me down as far as my workouts.

I’ve been watching Extreme Weight Loss with the wife and it’s so inspiring to see those transformations.  While the drop rate of my weight loss has slowed, my body changes have not.  I’m continually improving my ranks in my Fitstar apps and my body shape has changed a lot.  I have definition coming back in my legs and my love handles are disappearing.  Plus, from the front you can see my stomach taking up less real estate.  My belly has gone from a huge circle to a belly within a V shape.  I can see my hip bones again 🙂

Gotta keep at it everyday 🙂



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