Memorial Day BBQ, Movies, and other challenges!

So Sunday morning I step on the scale and it reads 251.  I thought this must be wrong!  That’s WAY lower than what I was expecting.  I was shifting all over the place and the reading wasn’t staying consistent at all – that must be why.  I’ll try again.  So, I carefully make sure my feet are placed like I was foot modeling for the scale.  I made sure just to stand still and evenly across the scale… and I waited.  WTF! Now it says 249!… bullshit!  I step off and calm down – no way! – okay, back to the scale.  I carefully step back on and make sure that I perform the best example of standing in the history of mankind.  Still 249!  WTH!  I thought my weight loss had been slowing down, but it hasn’t!!!! WOOT!

30 lbs down – 20 to go till I reach my first goal!

We had a great weekend.  It started with the wife and I playing some tennis while the kids played at the park on the other side of the fence.  After tennis, we did some mini-workouts on the park equipment.  I had tried months earlier to take a swing on the monkey bars.  Unfortunately, this ended up as me hanging from the first bar in pain and quickly sliding off.  However, this time I managed to do an entire pass on the monkey bars – WTF! OMG! I didn’t kill myself – PROGRESS!

Then, I hit my first major food challenge in this journey.  The wife and I decided to take the kids to see “Angry Birds” in 3-D as a surprise on Memorial Day.  In all previous movie treks I’m known for getting ridiculous amounts of snacks.  Normally, I’d get two 54oz Cherry Coke sodas, a large popcorn, and at least two candies.  This time, the wife and I split a small popcorn and a 20oz bottle of water for each of us.  HOLY CRAP!  I did it!  Then, for dinner that night, we were going to a friend’s house to have homemade smoked ribs.  He made 6 racks each with a different flavor.  The flavor was amaziballs!  However, I controlled myself and had kept it under 1300 calories for dinner.  I was sure before dinner I would blow out my calorie goal and just have to take it as a ‘day off’.  However, I managed to stay under my calorie goals even with those temptations!  KICK ASS!



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