I’m full of shit…

So, I’ve continued hitting my goals, but my weight has seemed to go up even though everywhere besides my belly is looking better.  Prior to starting this I would eat something and without fail I’d have to use the bathroom 30 minutes or so after eating.  However, since reducing the soda and eating healthier this hasn’t been the case.  I know my routine is still working, but I think a lot of the ‘increased’ weight is simply that I need to go to the bathroom.  So I need to increase my fiber for sure, but I need to figure out how.  I’ll definitely ask my doctor about it on my next visit.  Before people start recommending specific shakes please be aware, I’m not interested in that shake plan.  I also realized I’ve never known (till now) what the feeling of bloating was.  From my prior soda intake I was always farting and burping.  I thought the frequency of my gas releases was normal.  I now see that it was a bit excessive – LOL.  Because I was drinking more than a case of soda a day I was always bloated, so for me, bloated was normal.  The other day I looked down at my belly and thought WTF is going on?  It’s so stiff and balloon like.  I asked my wife, what is going on – look at this and she looked at me and told me I was probably bloated.  I realized later that it’s probably insensitive to tell a woman that you’ve never realized what it is to feel bloated.  I’m also looking at my daily intakes and realize that while we’ve been eating more healthy and making better choices that we may need to look to supplement our vitamins anyway – we are getting older after all.

While the scale said I was a little heavier this morning my body fat % was much lower than before.  Unfortunately, this difference is within the margin of error for the scale :-/  In any case, I’m still feeling better than I ever have.

how-stop-panic-attacks-step-stepI have some irrational fears with very stupid things.  For example, if the wife or I start to get lost while driving my brain instantly jumps to we’ll run out of gas and die starving on the side of the road.  Again, I said it was irrational.  Before the days of GPS I would constantly panic if we went a different way than normal in fears of getting lost.  GPS is a wonderful thing!  In regards to my workouts or walking this translates into walking in a loop around my neighborhood but never too far because besides the possibility of getting lost I could go so far that I would get too tired to comeback and then starve and die (my brain doesn’t accept the idea of resting and coming back home a little late) – again, I know, irrational.  So, I was very proud of myself when, yesterday during my son’s soccer game, I decided to walk the entire complex.  I was sure I was going to get too tired to walk it without taking a long break.  I was sure I was going to have to stop early and come back because I was too tired.  I was sure that this one route was going to take too long to complete.  I was sure the game would end and my son (who’s like me) would panic that I wasn’t there.  Which (of course) would mean he was going to be left on the field forever just to starve and die.  I know, irrational.  I was very surprised to find out that it only took my 15 minutes to do the loop.  WTF?  There’s still 45 minutes till the end of his game… cool!, let’s trying going the other side of the complex.  WOOT! 20 minutes!!!   Afterwards, I just paced back and forth next to his field to get more steps in, but it wasn’t enough time to achieve any more of the big loops.

Yesterday I had 10,000 steps before noon!  Woot!

Just gotta keep pushing 🙂   (no pun intended)


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