Continuing to be able to wear my old favorite clothes and arcade games

While the scale isn’t dropping as huge numbers, I’m still losing weight at a good pace.  Last night I was able to wear my old “Feel the Wrath of my Nuts” shirt (from Foamy the Squirrel –  I haven’t felt comfortable wearing that shirt in years!  I like to wear it during poker 🙂

Also, I was dealing with bad insomnia the last two days because I’m having issues just shutting down my mind.  Monday, I couldn’t get all the design ideas, cost totals, and game choices out of my head for designing my own MAME Arcade Cabinet.  It’s going to be sweet, but I’ll have to wait until after our cruise, after a membership to the local pool/gym/rock climb place.  Then I’ll drop less than $1000 for the parts to build the system and it will be a great project for the kids and I.


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