Devil on my shoulder

So the family has been out of town all week and I’ve been continuing to work on my fitness.  It’s been hard at times though, a stupid little devil keeps appearing on my shoulder.

On Thursday, I was doing a little project that was requiring a lot of physical labor.  I then thought, crap I haven’t done a workout today.  Poof, the little fucker appears on my shoulder and says, “you know, you’ve been working pretty hard, that could count as a workout.  And hey, nobody is here to notice whether or not you do your workout”… I thought about it for a bit.  Flicked that little fucker off my shoulder and did my workout.  YEY!  I felt very proud of myself for not making an excuse.

Then today, I took advantage of the wife and the kids being out of town and took my laptop with me to bed and set it up on the wife’s side of the bed.  When I woke up this morning I simply connected to work and did my work from bed.  I felt a little bad after work that I had been stationary all day long.  I then thought about what I wanted to do for dinner.  Nobody else is here — Papa John’s it is!  But crap, I’ve done nothing all day.  What can I do that’s active?  I could walk somewhere.  But remember, I have an irrational fear of walking too far where I could get a cramp, be stranded, and die – I know, stupid, but real nonetheless.  What would be something to challenge myself???  – The high school!

Now, be aware to all you assholes that will say it’s just a couple miles and it’d be easy.  I’m fat, that’s not easy.  Poof, little devil appears, “hey, you don’t have to do anything today, nobody’s here, let’s just take it easy today”. — FUCK YOU little devil.

I grabbed my headphones and water and started off.  I had a power walk kind of pace and was worrying that I was pushing too hard.  Fuck it, let’s see how long I can keep this pace.  I did not stop at all, I kept that pace the entire time – WTF!  I didn’t think I’d make it, especially fast walking.  I was very happy that not only did I do what I set out to do, but I did it better than I thought I could.  WOOT!  Pizza time!

Regardless if other people are around to see it, I’m here and need to stay true to my own goals.  Fuck you devil!

Note:  Ironically I started my workout to Eminem’s Guilty Conscience – LOL


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