IRS sending you to court??? Damn Scammers!

So I just had fun with some asshole scammer.
Robot voice on my line: “Attention call this number to stop IRS action now, please call 651-410-5574”
OH BOY, this will be fun.
So I first hear a strong vietnamese accent – oh boy.
He then asks for my name which for this call was “George Jansen”. Then my address … uh… “27 Smithson Court, 20237”
Scammer: “That was 27 Smith Court?”
me (sounding very convincing): “No, it’s 2 – 7 – Smithson – S-M-I-T-H-S-O-N court”
Scammer: “Oh, okay. One moment sir, while I look up your account”
(Loud fake typing ensues)
After about a minute or two, he comes back and explains to me how they’ve had agents “at my address” leaving me documentation and so forth. I play along and let him keep talking and talking. I keep asking him questions to waste his time. He then asks me if I’d like to take care of the debt with him outside the court.
me:  “well, it’s been a little over 15 minutes, I think I’ve wasted enough of your time for now – you piece of shit scamming fucktard”
scammer: “excuse me sir, please watch your language – what do you mean?”
me: “what fucking country are you calling from anyway? you sound vietnamese?”
scammer: “what do you mean sir, this is the IRS”
me: “I work for the IRS you fucking idiot, how many idiots have you successfully scammed with this bullshit line?”
scammer: “I’m not sure what you mean sir, this is the IRS”
me: “Ok, that’s why you were able to find records for me at my address??? – It’s a fucking fake name and fake address you fucking idiot.  So, how many fucking idiots fall for this shit?”
scammer: “80% of America”
me: “again, what country are you even from?”
scammer: “Nigeria”
me: “Oh, are you going to call me back because you’re a prince that has been overthrown and you need help to get your money out of the country and it will only take $1000 to clear the money and I’ll be rich”
scammer: (he actually laughed at that one) “Yes, I guess I’ll make that call to”
me: “cause I’m just trying to waste as much of your time as possible so maybe you’ll have less time to scam someone else today”
scammer: “I have all the time in the world”
me: “so what country are you from anyway, how many stupid people believe you?”
scammer: “a bunch of people do”
me: “How do you sleep at night cheating people out of their hard earned money??? Well, you’re probably from some piece of shit country and are only getting 1 dollar a week or some shit.  You need a job that pays you better.”
scammer: “well, you voted for Obama didn’t you?” (I’M NOT KIDDING!)
me: “No, not me personally, I think he’s a asshole. The stupid people falling for your scam probably voted for him though”
scammer: (again he thought that was funny) “we get a lot of them”.
me: “Ok, you’re an asshole for stealing people’s money from my point of view, but you’re just doing your job.  I hope you little success in scamming people, but take it easy”.
scammer: “You have a good day, sir”
me: “You too Prince, talk to ya soon”
scammer: (little giggle) – CLICK
I don’t have hard feelings towards the guy.  If I was stupid enough to fall for this shit, I’d probably feel differently.  I also understand that this douche bag is just doing his job.  I don’t know his circumstances that allows him to feel no remorse about ripping off people, but hopefully a guy calling him out, but still making him laugh might make him think about it next time…
Who the fuck am I kidding?, that guy’s a prick.
If you get these people calling you, CALL THEM BACK!  — give fake information, play along as long as possible.  If everyone did this it wouldn’t be worth it for them to run these scams!!!

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