I’ve got to refocus!

So, I’ve not been behaving.  I haven’t gained any weight, but my loss has slowed.  Have I plateaued?   No, I’ve been allowing myself too many indulgences.  I’ve been allowing myself more than the allowed 1 soda a day – need to get back to just 1, and eventually none.  I haven’t been able to play tennis because I can’t find a partner (Jenna’s elbow hurts) – anybody interested?  I also haven’t been doing my workouts at least every other day.  Granted, I’ve had been walking more, but that slowed as well – NEED TO REFOCUS!

On a separate front, I’m going to try to quit smoking again.  Starting tomorrow, I’m going to try to use this quit smoking app and see if it helps.  Hey, an app started me losing weight, it couldn’t hurt to try 🙂


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