Things been going good, why the wrench???

Its funny, things have been going good lately. Examples:

  • I am employed, am good at my job, and enjoy it – good
  • The wife and I are getting more healthy everyday – good
  • I have a loving family – good
  • Hosting a poker game tomorrow evening – good
  • We’re going on our cruise in September – good
  • We’ve had a great summer and have some good times as a family – good
  • I have a wedding/Mehndi photo shoot this week – good
  • My Sentra doesn’t require emissions this year – good
  • I’m planning on replacing my Sentra with a Mustang sometime around Jan/Feb- good
  • My Sentra needs it’s inspection before September and needs the exhaust replaced for about $900 – FUCK!

If I was planning on keeping the Sentra for years it probably wouldn’t bother me, but I’m actively planning on getting rid of this car and then it decides to have problems – after not having any issues for years!  The A/C has been broke this summer, but I figured I’d wait it out – but now, I might as well get it fixed after the cruise so I can hopefully get a reasonable amount for it when I do sell it.

I am very happy though.  In the past, this would have completely crippled us.  Instead, I’m just not getting to put away as much money as I was planning to save.  So, I choose to look at this as an affirmation that we’re doing things right and moving on the right path.


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