I was planning to do a different post titled, “My wife is sleeping with a different man – and I couldn’t be happier”.  However, I hit my goal before I got a chance to post it.

What is this blog called? “GOOOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!”???   YES! It’s true, I weighed in at 229.6 today!!!!  50 lbs reached!.  I am amazed!  When I originally decided to set a goal for myself 50 lbs just seemed unbelievable and impossible to hit.  I planned on getting there over the course of a year – that was April 20th!  It’s only been 144 days!

So what is my plan now?  TO GO ON A CRUISE!  We’re going on a cruise in two weeks and I will continue what I’ve been doing til then.  Once we’re on the cruise we’re going to use the gym on the ship overlooking the ocean.  We’re going to eat whatever we want to eat and drink whatever we want to drink.  We are going to fully enjoy ourselves.  Then, when we return, I will weigh myself.  If I’m over my goal weight again, I’ll get back to it and then set a new goal for myself.  If I’m already under that goal weight then I’ll just set my new goal.

I know I say it all the time, but when I start my next phase I’m going to include tackling my smoking – I need to.

Why did I want to use the other title?  It was funny, the wife and I were spending time with each other the other night and she said that it was weird.  When I asked her why she said it felt like she was with a different person LOL!


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