We got a new printer!


For many years, I’ve had a Lexmark X644e just like the one pictured to the right.  It also had a paper loader underneath which held an extra tray for 250 sheets of paper, and a massive cabinet underneath that would feed up to 1000 sheets of paper.  It would scan in duplex (to email or network), print in duplex, copy, and fax.  For the past year or so it’s been running really low on toner and we didn’t want to pay the ridiculously expense cost for new toner.  It’s finally gotten to the point that it’s not worth keeping.  Plus, there were two downsides to this amazing printer.  It was too big for us (about 4.5 ft tall) and it could only print black & white.

Last weekend I decided to check some prices online and we bought a new printer!

We knew we wanted to print in color especially with the kid’s school work, so we considered our options.  The problem with ink is generally if you don’t use it often the ink can dry out and get messy.  However, ink doesn’t usually cost too much to replace.  Last time I researched, color laser toner replacements were easily over $100.

However, this time when I researched I found that it would cost around $60 to replace one of the colors of toner and I found some deals to replace all the cartridges for around $120-$130…    WTF!!!!   OMG I’m going to look for some color laser printers.

Okay, you may be wondering why I’m getting so excited over a stupid printer.  I remember as a kid my best friend’s dad always had the newest computer stuff and he’d help me figure out various things on the computer from time to time (mostly how to get my Roverboard BBS settings correct).  In any case, I remember when the InkJet printers first came out – I was soooo jealous.  At this point, I only had a Epson line-matrix printer that couldn’t keep alignment.  It couldn’t handle graphics.  Then there was John printing out beautiful pictures on his computer.  I’ve owned four or five InkJets since that time.  Every time I’ve owned one the ink would completely dry up and clog the jets.  So, I always have wanted a color laser printer.


We’ve get a HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277dw printer and it’s awesome!  Which also motivated me to redesign the logo for my photo stuff.


Again, I know it’s something silly to get this excited about, but I’m a geek who loves peripherals 🙂




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