The hateful “open-minded”

NOTE:  I’ve seen this behavior on both sides.  However, it was written from my point of view.

I’ll be glad to see this election over. No matter who wins, we’re screwed either way. The part that upsets me the most about this election is the pure hate coming out of it. I’ve been accused of being racist, sexist, and every other possible disorder known to man because I said I was voting for Trump. Do I like Trump? Hell no, I just have issues with Hillary more. Does it have to do with her being female? No, not at all, I think it’d be great to change things up and finally have a female President – just not her.
The most frustrating part is dealing with my liberal friends that are screaming that non-liberals are hate spewing (insert every other offense here), but don’t see that they’re doing everything they hate.  They scream that people that don’t believe the same as they do are close minded, not forward thinking, and hate other groups because their race, religion, or other beliefs.  However, they are doing the exact thing towards everyone not voting/following their beliefs.
Feel free to hate the politicians, they’re running, they’ve made themselves a target.  But the people that support them (or simply oppose your candidate), just have a different opinion than yours – which is what this country is about.  Please, look through your posts, imagine yourself as a polar opposite, would you be proud of what you’ve posted?  Does such hate promote the bridging of different ideas and beliefs?

The reason why a persona of a typical supporter is created and promoted is to manipulate the public view on the candidate and their supporters.  People generally need to feel part of a group, so make the group seem horrific and you manipulate them to not join it.  Make it seem like Trump’s “supporters” are racist, xenophobic, and misogynistic and you make it socially unacceptable to support Trump or be associated with that group.  Are there some people that fit that description – yes, of course there are.  However, that’s a very small percentage.

Here’s the problem though, you’ve now attacked a very large group of people that don’t fit that description and have made it less likely for them to support you on other issues that they may have otherwise been negotiable.

Have I posted or liked some memes or other items that are one sided?  Yes, mostly because I thought they were funny.  I’ve not once (that I can recall) shared anything that was completely hate filled towards a party’s supporters.

Simply put, don’t say you’re against behaviors of men like Trump, when you yourself are spewing hate to a large portion of the country simply because they don’t believe the same things you do.  You should also not use the term “open minded” if you’re already preparing your argument/rebuttal when hearing the opposition expressing their view.

Every time I start to think that people are becoming independent free thinkers an election comes along and herds them back together again.  Next election, lets try to keep the focus on the people running for the office and leave the people who happen to not agree with you alone.


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