I’ve voted against Obama, and I voted against Hillary. I’m sick and tired of career politicians. You’re something different, you’re definitely a change. But, as an American, I must make a request of you.
PLEASE, do not take the Obama route.
You’re starting your Presidency the same as Obama did. You have indirect control of both the House and Senate. You can basically do anything you want, just like Obama could.
Obama did what he wanted while pretending to reach out to the right. All he did was anger the right by steamrolling his first couple years. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS.
You don’t have to give anything to the left. You can basically do whatever you want. But, please, make sure to reach out the left and get their buy-in and make deals with them even though there will be nothing per the vote count to make you do so.
Please learn from Obama’s horrible leadership and know that your first two years will be to win over sensible people on the left that are just looking for someone to represent both sides. Make sure to include the left on deals and give them concessions that satisfy everyone. Otherwise, we’ll have a House/Senate flip at midterms and return to guaranteed gridlock. Nobody wants that again.
Bring the concerns of the left into your playbook and do what you do best – make deals. Make deals that are in the best interest of OUR COUNTRY FIRST. Make deals to help ALL AMERICANS.
To my fellow Americans, who do not necessarily care for him (like me), open your minds and give him a chance to prove his leadership. Give him a chance to represent all of us.
Thank you

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