Facebook may have just saved my mom’s life?

I’m feeling very thankful this morning.  My older sister is a night owl like me.  However, I was working and didn’t see a very odd post from my mother.  Luckily, she did.


My sister tried to message my mom and couldn’t get a hold of her so she called her and noticed that she was speaking nonsense.  My mom lives with my little sister and her husband.  My older sister called my little sister and told her to go get mom help.

Apparently, my mom was unable to go downstairs or find my little sister’s name in her phone’s contacts.

My little sister and her husband were able to get my mom to the ER and they found out she was experiencing a stroke.  All we know at this time is that it wasn’t a major stroke because nothing is showing up on the scans.

We still aren’t able to understand her, but it is my hope that the post was a deliberate attempt to get help.

Why am I posting this before we even know the whole deal?

We have all been told what things to look for when a stroke occurs when the person is face-to-face with you.


However, I never thought (until now) that it was something that could be seen so obviously in a Facebook post.

SHARE this and keep an eye out for complete off-the-wall type posts like this, it could be someone that needs help.

and PLEASE keep my mom in your prayers for a full recovery.




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